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A new year means new goals, routines, and healthier habits!

Registered Dietician and Senior Manager of Scientific Affairs at Danone North America, Kristie Leigh, is sharing some tips for overall gut health through the help of probiotics, the good type of bacteria!

According to a Danone survey with KRC research, 75% of adults say they’re turning to supplements, including Vitamin C, D, and B. Yet only 25% of people recognize the value of probiotics. But consumers are missing the mark on ways to support their immune systems. Only 4 in 10 U.S. adults recognize how the gut microbiome has an impact on their immune system. Probiotics, often found in certain yogurts and fermented products are sadly overlooked and there are many myths when it comes to how they can affect your health.

One myth from the survey is that all fermented foods and beverages include probiotics. Half of Americans believe products like Kombucha and Kimchi contain probiotics because they are fermented, but that’s not the case.

If you’re looking to incorporate probiotics, try a yogurt with probiotics instead, like Activia. Activia is the #1 gut health brand in the U.S. It supports gut health when consumed twice a day for two weeks.

Maintaining your gut health through foods vs. supplements is key! 47% of people thought they provided the same benefit but probiotics through food may also increase your intake of other important vitamins and minerals like Calcium and Vitamin D. Plus, let’s be honest, it’s much more enjoyable to eat yogurt or sip on a smoothie than it is to swallow a pill.

Making a yogurt parfait with Activia is an easy and enjoyable way to reap the benefits of Calcium and Vitamin D. When you’re on the go, but still want to get your fill of probiotics, two of the products to have on hand are DanActive and Activia+.

DanActive helps support your immune system when consumed regularly and brand new Activia+ with Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc support the immune system.

When we think of a healthy routine, it includes getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, moving more, and eating plenty of fruit and vegetables. Danone North America has products that can fit into anyones lifestyle and they’re available at retailers nationwide. To learn more about Danone’s products, visit



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